Providing hospice at home services in East Cheshire with EMIS Mobile

Clinicians in East Cheshire are using EMIS Mobile to support safe, dignified and informed treatment at the point of care as part of their hospice at home service.

In the UK, around 82% of people want to die at home, but 50% die in a hospital. East Cheshire Hospice launched their hospice at home service in 2018 to address this imbalance. The team provides care that supports patients to stay in their own homes at end of life and to die at home if that’s their place of choice. Using EMIS Mobile gives clinicians remote access to up-to date information from all teams involved in their patients care. This ensures that the same level of support can be delivered in a patient’s home as can be delivered in a hospice environment.

Take a look at the video below to see how mobile technology is helping East Cheshire Hospice support patients in their own homes.

More up-to-date information for safer, more accurate care

The hospice at home service in East Cheshire has been using EMIS Mobile from the start. It’s meant that they can access a shared patient record when visiting patients’ homes. This means they can check real-time information on a patient’s case quickly and easily at the point of care. Because many hospice patients receive care from several different teams, having access to this shared record means that the hospice at home team can quickly and clearly see what actions have been taken by other teams. This removes the need to ask patients’ and family members potentially complex or upsetting questions. Plus, they have the ability to update patient records there and then to keep other teams involved in that patient’s care up to date.

“EMIS Mobile is a much needed support tool.”

Suzanne Elliott, sister, hospice at home, East Cheshire

Because EMIS Mobile can also be used offline and synced up once a signal becomes available, clinicians always have the information they need, when they need it.

Freeing up more time for patients

Having the information they need at their fingertips means that the hospice at home team don’t need to ask patients to repeat what they’ve discussed in previous appointments. This not only saves patients a lot of stress and upset, but also means that time can be spent focussing on the present appointment and not on discussing a patient’s history. It all adds up to ensuring a better, more patient centred experience.
Sarah Dale, the clinical director for hospice at home for East Cheshire told us that being able to update patient records on the go, either in a patient’s home or sat in the car has been a massive time saver. Clinicians no longer have to travel back to the hospice between home visits to update their notes. This means that they can spend more time with their patients and less time travelling back and forth.

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