Providing at-home cardiology monitoring with ECG On-Demand

The ECG On-Demand solution from EMIS Accredited partner, Technomed allows patients to undergo heart monitoring from home through the use of self-fit kits.

As well as reducing the number of hospital visits, the service - which integrates with EMIS Web - has reduced diagnosis times to below pre COVID-19 service delivery times and the easy, effective process has resulted in an enviably low 2.6% re-test rate. We take a closer look at how this solution bagged Technomed our Partner of the Year award for Empowering Patients.

Delivering point of care insights

GP Health Partners Ltd (GPHP), a Federation owned by 19 GP practices in the Surrey Downs locality, has been working in partnership with Technomed Ltd since 2017 to provide community cardiology services. Using the ECG On-Demand solution has meant that they can deliver cardiology expertise to patients at the point of care – something that traditionally was only accessible within hospitals.

Adapting new healthcare pathways

When the pandemic hit the UK in March 2020, social distancing measures, lockdown and the threat of infection resulted in the suspension of routine hospital cardiology diagnostics. Hospitals needed to limit outpatient clinics, and patients themselves were reluctant to attend. With many of those requiring diagnostics being in ‘at risk’ groups, it was even more imperative to support new pathways to care delivery.

Having heard about what Technomed and GPHP were achieving in Surrey with ECG On-Demand, an acute care trust reached out in August 2020 for support in reducing their cardiology backlog. By September the hospital had contracted GPHP in partnership with ECG On-Demand, to deliver Holter services on their behalf.   

Transforming service delivery

The hospital and GPHP elected to use ECG On-Demand’s Holter self-fit kits, distributed using a combination of mail order and drive through ‘click and collect’ methods. This allowed patients to undergo heart monitoring within their home without attending hospital. This simple, easy, and effective process safeguards an enviably low 2.6% re-test rate, and the hospital soon found that their time to diagnosis for patients was returned to the hospital’s pre COVID-19 service delivery times.

This service continues to prove popular with patients and staff alike. To date, patients aged from 18 to 92 have successfully fitted the ECG device themselves, supported with step-by-step guides, and with a rapid speed of reporting, patients can discuss their results promptly with their doctor. GP’s are able to triage appropriate patients and book directly into a shared diary within EMIS Web. Reports are integrated into EMIS Web, and can be shared with secondary care, ensuring a seamless process.

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