Plane Trees Group Practice is freeing up more time for care with EMIS Web

Plane Trees Group Practice in Halifax know that with increasing pressures and budget restrictions, they need to save time on everyday tasks by working more efficiently. By using EMIS Web, they're alleviating some of the pressure on practice staff which is helping them spend more time with patients.

Plane Trees Group Practices have been using EMIS Web for a number of years and the team are really making the most of the clinical system so they can work smarter, not harder. Their data quality manager, Sue, sets up helpful EMIS Web searches, templates and protocols to make it easier to quickly input data so that clinicians can spend more time interacting with patients.

“I find EMIS Web intuitive and quite easy to pick up. Rather than using the set templates, we write our own to make them work for us”

Sue Gardiner, data quality manager, Plane Trees Group Practice

Having pre-built searches and templates within EMIS Web, as well the ability to create their own, means clinical staff at Plane Trees Group Practice can spend less time looking at their screen and entering data - helping to ease consultation pressures. Not only that, but the ability to configure their own screens to suit individual roles means that each member of staff can have the information that’s relevant to them in an easily accessible location, freeing up more time for patient interactions.

“Using EMIS Web has cut down on the time that I need to enter data; therefore I do spend more time with patients”