Making time for an extra patient every day thanks to EMIS Mobile

By using EMIS Mobile to support their community physio and cystic fibrosis teams, St James’s Hospital in Leeds is providing more joined-up care to more patients.

The Specialist Cystic Fibrosis physio and nurses from St James’s Hospital visit patients across West Yorkshire from the East coast to the Pennines . They needed a system that allowed them to view and update data from any location easily so that they can provide accurate and joined-up care outside the hospital.

More accurate care

Before they started using EMIS Mobile, the team didn’t have access to real-time information while out on home visits. However, now, they can use EMIS Mobile to access real-time patient information, making it much easier to provide accurate and informed care.

“It reassures me to know that the physios and nurses have my notes to hand and I can ask anything and get an answer straight away”

Tammy Wells, cystic fibrosis patient

Being able to update patient records and information on the go means that clinicians back at the hospital are also kept up to date with the latest changes to a patient’s circumstance. Even when Wi-Fi connectivity is weak or lost, the team can still update their notes safe in the knowledge that they’ll be automatically uploaded once a connection is found. This is vital in more remote parts of Yorkshire where connections can be patchy.

Saving time

Because the physios and community nurses no longer have to travel back and forth to the hospital to update their notes, they’re saving vital time each day. Specialist physiotherapist Louise Lumb says she’s now able to see an extra patient every single day thanks to the reduced back and forth travelling. In one case, Louise was set to drive down to Nottingham to see a patient, but checking the patient record revealed that the patient’s recent blood tests had come back as irregular. This meant she could instead call the patient and let them know that they needed to go to the hospital, which saved her hours of driving time.

“I can’t imagine going back to a time before EMIS Mobile”

Louise Lumb, specialist physiotherapist, St James’s Hospital

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