Making a move to EMIS Web as smooth as possible with our tailored training and support

With comprehensive and tailored support from our expert team, Thames Hospice not only met their tight three-month deadline to move to EMIS Web, but also found that their deployment process couldn’t have gone smoother.

We get that changing your clinical IT system can seem like a bit of a daunting task. But with our expert team here to support your organisation through every step you take towards deploying EMIS Web, you’ll never be without the help you need.

For Thames Hospice, our support made all the difference. The local charity, which cares for those with life-limiting illnesses in East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire, has seen demand increase over the past few years. In order to support the increasing number of people who needed their care and services, they decided that they needed to deploy a brand-new clinical IT system that could improve efficiencies and make them paper-free.

After deciding that EMIS Web could help them to achieve these aims, the hospice next faced a big challenge: a three-month deployment deadline driven by their current clinical IT system’s soon-to-finish contract. But thanks to the help of our dedicated team of business development managers, trainers, programme managers and customer relationship managers providing tailored training and support, Thames Hospice met their deadline.

Since completing their system switch, the hospice has been able to better manage demand. Throw into the mix the fact that they’ve improved data sharing with the 90% of GPs in their catchment area who’re also using EMIS Web, and they have a system that’s truly right for them.

“The system as a whole, and the team’s effort, have both been brilliant. I’m proud of EMIS Health and Thames Hospice working together to deliver such a good product.”

Catalin Rusu, clinical business and data manager, Thames Hospice

Getting stuck in right away

One of the things the hospice found most impressive about the project was the support they received right from the get go. As Catalin Rusu, clinical business and data manager at Thames Hospice says, “We talked with our business development manager before we signed the contract. Everything was brilliant from that moment onwards.”

“The support from EMIS Health was outstanding from day one.”

Catalin Rusu, clinical business and data manager, Thames Hospice

Our team’s dedication to the project also helped to keep everything on track. By planning actions and next steps – and then ensuring that everyone knew what they needed to do – we helped make sure that Thames Hospice could overcome the challenges they faced. Such detailed planning also meant that our team could act upon Thames Hospice’s input and feedback as the project evolved.

“EMIS Health’s project manager was helpful and devoted to us,” continues Catalin. “We had weekly catch-ups via weekly telephone conferences. Sometimes we had meetings here too. They were always prioritising what we needed to do. They weren’t increasing my workload day by day either – they were providing me with weekly targets.”

Getting everyone up to speed with tailored and comprehensive training

When it came time to begin training, everyone was ready to get stuck in. That’s because Catalin had consulted with his clinical team before deciding on EMIS Web in order to understand what requirements they had. This consultation period also gave us a chance to answer any of the clinical team’s questions. As Catalin details, it altogether meant that “The team were on board and were devoted to the cause of the project. From the moment they saw the system, they liked it.”


“The training was very good and very well organised.”

Catalin Rusu, clinical business and data manager, Thames Hospice

By tailoring their sessions, our trainers were able to ensure that the hospice’s clinical staff could understand the specific functions within EMIS Web that would support their individual roles. Our trainers also wanted to make sure that everything was as clear as possible, which is why they provided crib sheets and user guides before the sessions even began – something that Catalin says was “a big, big help.”


As he details further, “The person who configured EMIS Web for us did the end user training, and tailored everything to our teams so they weren’t confused about the system. One of EMIS Health’s customer relationship managers then did our super user training, and even came by a few extra days in addition to help us to see if we had any issues.

I think our teams found both the end user and super user training very useful because the information was quite concise and tailored to those in the room. The two trainers were brilliant.”

A comfortable and well-prepared go-live day

With the three-month deadline having arrived, it was time for Thames Hospice to start using EMIS Web. Even then, our team was there to lend a helping hand.

“We had staff from EMIS Health here on the go-live day,” says Catalin. “They provided me with the support I needed as I knew it would be manic. That’s because EMIS Web was a new system and we were actually using it – we had patients details on it and we needed to provide patient care.

They were very good. They helped me the whole day to make people feel even more comfortable with the system.”

Improving data sharing, efficiencies and admin

While Thames Hospice was aware that the majority of the GP practices in their area were using EMIS Web and that they could therefore improve their data sharing capabilities by using our clinical IT software, they’ve also made a host of other improvements by making the switch.

“We’ve had good feedback about EMIS Web – everyone is praising the things they can do with it. Our teams like the fact that it’s reliable and they can find patient records within seconds.”

Catalin Rusu, clinical business and data manager, Thames Hospice

“There’s a major difference between our old system and EMIS Web,” explains Catalin. “The team says it makes their life easier, it’s user friendly, that they can access patient records in seconds and that they can find whatever information they want.

Administrators don’t have to spend as much time booking appointments, and they don’t have to spend as much time finding the patient or referring them. Now we’re in control of data too. The fact that the teams can develop their own templates – they love it.

We can see the results, even after just a few weeks. The impact is quite big as of now and I think it’s going to be even bigger by the end of this year.”

“Everyone’s loving it. It’s the trustworthy system we needed for the new hospice.”

Catalin Rusu, clinical business and data manager, Thames Hospice

For Catalin, these achievements stand as a testament to the collaborative nature of the project. As he says, “I think the system as a whole, and the team’s effort, have both been brilliant. I’m proud of EMIS Health and Thames Hospice working together to deliver such a good product. It was a team effort. It needed a supplier and it needed a customer to work together – and we did that brilliantly. It’s paying off now.

“This was a team effort – and that’s why this was such a successful project.”

Catalin Rusu, clinical business and data manager, Thames Hospice

I’m proud that everything went smooth and that we managed to get this done within three months. I think it’s a huge hats off to Thames Hospice and EMIS Health.”

Having successfully managed a tight three month go-live at his organisation, clinical business and data manager, Catalin Rusu, shares his top tips for making your switch to EMIS Web as simple as possible

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