Integrating secondary care pharmacy systems

Royal Bolton Hospital’s Pharmacy department improves patient safety and service delivery.

The trust selected EMIS Health’s Web Pharmacy solution as their new departmental IT system; which provides stock control, clinical support systems and an easy interface with third party systems.  

The Pharmacy solution has improved patient safety, delivered clear cost savings and provides a strong technology platform for future growth.

Brian Smith, Chief Pharmacist at Royal Bolton Hospital, commented, “We are delighted that EMIS Health was able to deliver such a robust and flexible pharmacy system within a twelve week project cycle. Our staff have welcomed the additional patient safety features embedded within the system and we look forward to extending our pharmacy services beyond the pharmacy itself, thereby saving time and providing a higher level of service to our clinicians and patients.”

“The system paid for itself in the first two months”

Brian Smith, Chief Pharmacist at Royal Bolton Hospital

The EMIS Health solution generates accurate stock reports which help to proactively monitor stock holding levels. Since its inception, stock holding has been reduced by 50%, providing a major cost-saving to the hospital.

Stock reports issued by the Pharmacy solution are also an invaluable source of data for the hospital to claim revenue for services they deliver, via the Government’s Payment By Results system. 

The EMIS Health Pharmacy solution has allowed the Trust to deliver services beyond the physical confines of their department.  It has made possible a genuine medicines management strategy that can contribute to both improved patient safety and significant cost-savings, while releasing pharmacy staff back to the patient bedside.