Improving care for 25,000 NHS staff and healthcare students

The Occupational Health Service at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the first NHS departments of its kind in the UK to adopt a fully paperless records system for the employees and healthcare students it works with.

Using EMIS Web, the department has saved administration time and improved both quality and consistency.

The department is responsible for meeting the occupational health needs of over 25,000 Trust employees and healthcare students. Spanning several sites, including two major hospitals - Leeds General Infirmary and St James’s University Hospital - the department was swamped in paperwork.

Real-time updates

Andrea Hildred, business manager for the Occupational Health Service, explained: “It’s our role to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, psychological and social well–being of the employees.

“To do this we have a multidisciplinary team and we desperately wanted a system that would enable authorised team members to access and update an employee’s OH file safely, securely and in real-time – EMIS Web was the solution.”

Efficiencies realised

Since adopting the system, the administration team have noticed a big difference.

“The time saved by efficiencies like these mean the new system is effectively self-funding”

Andrea Hildred, business manager

“Preparing clinics is one of our biggest tasks. Getting each attendee’s file, ensuring clinicians have the right details and then updating individual employee OH files with notes and actions took a great deal of resource. With EMIS Web, time is significantly reduced because the data is there in a centralised hub – quickly accessible and updateable. The time saved by efficiencies like these mean the new system is effectively self-funding.

“We’ve also been able to really tailor EMIS Web to our specific needs – creating bespoke templates and reports.”

Improved quality of care

“With infection prevention and control, for example, we may have a situation where 50 employees need to be followed up. In these scenarios we need to code, track and monitor employees and update OH records according to developments. With EMIS Web the process is quicker, safer and more accurate because the templates drive consistency and information gathered is in real-time.

“The system means we can work more collaboratively as a team”

Andrea Hildred, business manager

“The system means we can work more collaboratively as a team, ensure records are consistent and accurate, and share our advice and reports with managers in a more structured way. It’s great.”

EMIS Web for clinical services

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