“I love EMIS Mobile.”

Community staff across Manchester are delivering informed, timely and connected care by accessing EMIS Web via their mobile devices.

Right from the get go, community intravenous (IV) specialist David Turner has all the information he needs for the entire day right in front of him. It’s all because he and his colleagues who provide IV services for Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust’s patients are using EMIS Mobile.

“Our ability to schedule appointments is great,” says David. “It means you’ve got your patients listed in front of you there and then. The day is planned and the previous day is ready to be handed over.”

It’s not just the appointment book that’s proving useful to the community-based team though. With comprehensive patient information and easy-to-complete templates readily available, EMIS Mobile is supporting staff to deliver timely and informed care wherever it’s needed.

“When we go into EMIS Mobile, patients are already in our appointment book, so we can plan what we need to do straight away.”

David Turner, community IV specialist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Improving care by accessing integrated patient information

One of the most noticeable changes David has found with EMIS Mobile is the amount of detail that both he and his colleagues can now see and share. As he says, “It’s very convenient. You can look up patient details, demographics and details of past medical histories. You can also view contacts that other people have made with patients while in their home, or any other services that patients are under.

It’s live as well, that’s what I like about it. As soon as you’ve done your consultation, someone at base can immediately look at the information, even while I’m still at the patient’s house. They can see everything there and then.”

“I know the information is there if I need to view a patient’s past history.”

David Turner, community IV specialist

The patients the team cares for includes those who need antibiotic cover, are dehydrated or are receiving end-of-life care, so this information supports staff to cater to everyone’s diverse needs. Detailed templates also mean that it’s easier for healthcare professionals to build up a more detailed picture of health themselves, something which is helping to improve the overall patient experience.

“I think the way I discuss things with patients, like getting their history, is more in-depth than previously,” continues David. “The templates we have ask you that extra information, so we get a better patient history with EMIS Mobile.

The good thing about it is that, when patients come back on our books, we don’t have to go down the same road with them. Everything is already in the system. We can skip areas as we can look up everything that we previously recorded.”

An easy-to-use system that’s making everything more efficient

While the templates allow staff to record more detail, David’s finding that they’re not time-consuming to complete. As he points out, “The templates do a multitude of things for us. We can tick boxes and it’s very quick to record information.”

“It’s going to be changing our services. It’s fabulous.”

David Turner, community IV specialist

These time-saving bonuses extend beyond just the templates too. David mentions how EMIS Mobile “will reduce the amount of time that we spend documenting things and doing paperwork,” and how he can quickly get in touch with colleagues using the system. “You can Skype contacts with a press of a button,” he says. “It’s really good.”

Part of these efficiency improvements can be attributed to how easily the service’s staff have picked up using the system. As David admits, “I could take everything on board really quickly, and I’m not very computer literate! It works really well – it’s very user friendly, it really is.”

Reducing pressure by ensuring care is provided in the right place

The support that the community IV team delivers often means that patients are saved from having to be admitted or readmitted to hospitals. Both ensuring that patients receive care in a place that’s comfortable to them and reducing pressure on busy acute organisations, it’s a vital service. And it’s one that’s made all the more simple with our mobile system’s support.

As for David’s final thoughts on the service’s new system? “You can put that as the title: I love EMIS Mobile.”

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