GP Web – Malling Health

Malling Health is a healthcare provider that has practices across the country. We have created websites, intranets and provided support for over 34 of their practices.

The challenge

“Initially the first part of our project was to design a website template which portrayed Malling Health’s generic design with a view to implement this to our sites” said Anjum Mohammad, Head of Technology & Innovation at Malling Health “As a growing company we realised we needed a company who could manage all of this for us and give us around the clock on-going support and development”.

Anjum started looking at companies that would be able to help implement and manage the websites. After assessing agencies and freelance web designers, Anjum decided on our offering.

The solution

As Anjum explains,“we liked the model the GP Web service offered us, as well as being cost effective  they offered the best mixture of healthcare experience, skills, value for money and support. To organisations looking for excellent healthcare websites I would advise you to put your trust in the team.


“The Practices were up and running in 5 months which was a great result. Now, if we need to add a new website we provide Webteam with the information which is transferred on to Malling Health template and then the GP Web service takes a days work to get the initial website up and running.“

Lesley agrees, “Creating the new website was easy. All I had to do is forward my practice leaflet and existing website content to the GP Web team”

““We had over 34 practices that needed new websites, the Team were really helpful and drew up a structured, achievable schedule."”

Anjum Mohammad - Head of Technology & Innovation, Malling Health

The benefits

GP Web offers ongoing care as standard, at no extra cost. “The Support Desk is excellent. We use it as an extension of our team so that when our practices call or email they have a response branded as Malling Health to create a truly integrate service. Whenever I ring with a question the reply is always friendly, helpful and prompt- it has made positive a difference to our company” explains Anjum.

““We plan to take GP Web with us, as Malling Health expands into other sectors- I simply couldn’t imagine not having their support now”.”