Full patient record access for out-of-hours GPs in Islington

A quarter of a million patients are receiving better care in Islington due to shared patient information and consultations being recorded back to the original record.

For the past nine months, 34 practices in Islington have been piloting Remote Consultation in three hubs.  Now out-of-hours clinicians and non-clinical support staff have access to the full patient record, so they can make safer decisions with better information. The consultation is then saved back to the home practice so the information can be reviewed and reported on by the patient’s registered GP.

Clinicians love it because:

  • interoperability between patient hubs is easy and straightforward, and
  • indemnity insurance cover is reduced as out-of-hours clinicians have access to the patient’s complete record.

“Remote consultation is changing the face of primary care. Clinicians can see the whole record which means safer consultations and better patient care”