Flexible and scalable integration engine

Integration engine enables trust merger sites to access clinical systems through one consistent, secure platform

The merger between Ealing Hospital NHS Trust (EHT) and The North West London Hospitals NHS Trust (NWLH) to create the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust (LNWH) provides patients with improved care services across hospitals and the community, and helps the Trust utilise its resources more efficiently.

Prior to the merger, LNWH required both trusts to integrate to one patient administration system (PAS) and one integration engine to ensure clinical information would flow seamlessly through the trust. The existing integration engine was outdated and had very little documentation on the existing interface, resulting in a requirement to implement a new integration engine solution.

Key objectives included:

  • enhance the flow of patient information securely and seamlessly
  • increase safety of clinical data
  • ensure that clinicians would see no change in their access to clinical data
  • have an integration platform that was more strategic, flexible and scalable.

“We are expecting to see benefits in improved service, performance and reduced costs through developing our in-house team’s skills.”

Neil Bridgeman, assistant director of information and systems at Ealing Hospital

Based on expertise with complex healthcare integration projects, EMIS Health integration consultants were selected to work with the trust to implement a new Intersystems ensemble integration engine. EMIS Health assisted in the design, development and implementation of the Ensemble Trust Integration Engine (TIE). 

Seamless platform

The Ensemble® Integration platform has provided a more manageable, flexible and scalable integration architecture, with all interfaces on one consistent platform. The integration between clinical systems was seamless and clinicians saw no difference in the systems that they were used to using.  The integration architecture improves management and control of patient and clinical data message flows, which increases the safety of patients and patient data.