EPS is improving practice efficiencies in North Yorkshire

North House Surgery in Ripon, North Yorkshire, has been using the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) for their non-dispensing patients.

The practice, which has its own dispensary, went live with EPS in May 2014 and offers EPS for 70% of their practice population that use the service to get their prescriptions at a pharmacy of their choice.

“the system is easy to use and has helped to improve practice efficiencies”

Nigel Peacock, practice manager at North House Surgery

Nigel Peacock, practice manager at North House Surgery said: “We went live with EPS around two years ago now, and although there were some initial reservations, the system is easy to use and has helped to improve practice efficiencies.

Very little change to practice income

The practice were initially worried that using EPS for non-dispensing patients would impact on their practice income, however this worry was quickly eased a few months after the go-live.

Nigel Peacock explained: “any impact on our practice income was a concern of ours and I know it’s of some concern to others too. From May 2014 to February 2016 we only lost 2% of our dispensing patients which was in line with a change in the practice list size. 

“we haven’t really noticed any impact on our income over the past two years.”

Nigel Peacock, practice manager

Reducing admin, costs and practice visits for patients

The practice also quickly noticed the multiple benefits that EPS can provide for both staff and patients. These include the reduction of admin time, reduction in printing costs, and patients no longer needing to visit the GP practice for prescriptions with the added bonus of being able to change their preferred dispenser at any time.

Nigel added that: “EPS has multiple benefits. Patients can order repeat prescriptions without having to bring their prescription back into the practice. If they have an approved prescription for 6 months, the GP won’t have to see them during this period which obviously saves on staff admin time as well as being much less hassle for patients.”

Finally, Nigel added that he’d happily “recommend EPS to other practices for their non-dispensing patients”.