Endoscopy at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust improves quality and speed of reporting with an integrated endoscopy system

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest acute trusts in England, with five dedicated endoscopy theatres that perform over 12,000 procedures per year.

Their endoscopy department needed to ensure they were conforming to BSG (British Society of Gastroenterology) guidelines; to do this they needed to improve their GRS (Global Rating Scale) scores, update their JAG (Joint advisory on GI endoscopy) accreditation and place a bid for the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme, to become an accredited centre. The previous DOS based database reporting system that Portsmouth used was very limited for clinical audit purposes, many reports were lost and difficult to update or retrieve. The trust chose the EMIS Health Endoscopy Solution and went live with the solution in 2008.

“The endoscopy system was chosen for its ease of use and positive recommendations from other local trusts.”

Pradeep Bhandari, consultant gastroenterologist

The auditing and research capability has vastly improved, which means that minimal time is spent providing the audit data whilst maintaining high quality results.

Tracie Jarvis, endoscopy nurse practitioner, says: “Clinicians have improved knowledge of quality standards and what is expected to provide accurate and quality data. We now have a set of pre-defined reports which has improved the quality and speed of producing information for audits such as JAG and GRS.”

The improved access and quality of the data has enabled the trust to become a bowel cancer screening centre. Portsmouth also uses the endoscopy scheduling system, which allows a central booking for patients and minimises errors and improves patient experience. Tracie commented: “The process is much easier now all the information is available electronically; we are able to schedule appointments when the patient is there and find a convenient time for them.”