Delivering multidisciplinary care closer to home with EMIS Mobile

By using EMIS Mobile, Liverpool Diabetes Partnership is achieving one of their founding aims of caring for more patients in their own homes – and they’re doing so while making that care safer and more efficient than ever before.

Formed by several trusts throughout Merseyside, Liverpool Diabetes Partnership (LDP) had two clear goals in mind back in 2015: reduce hospital admissions and deliver proactive care closer to people’s homes.

It was the latter of these aims in particular that led LDP to seek out a mobile solution that would give their multidisciplinary teams access to the same electronic patient notes while on the road. Since our clinical software, EMIS Web, comes with EMIS Mobile as standard for community deployments, they decided that our combined solutions were the right fit for them.

Now that EMIS Mobile has given healthcare professionals from across the service the ability to view and update patient records at the point care, LDP is achieving all that they set out to do – and a whole lot more.

“We’re big fans of what EMIS Mobile has brought to our world.”

David Abram, diabetes team lead for Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Removing time-consuming paper processes

“Before we had EMIS Mobile, we had a paper template of our consultation. We’d go into the patient’s home, do our documentation, do all the assessments and then write everything down,” explains Collette Kelly, diabetes specialist nurse at LDP. “We might have four or five visits in a morning or afternoon, then we’d have to come back to base, input all of that information again into an EMIS Web template on our computers, then generate a letter and then duplicate all of that information again.

Now I can structure my visits and I can pack more patients in. I’ll be completing the templates on EMIS Mobile whilst I’m talking to the patient. When I walk out and I’ve done the sync, the information I’ve recorded is available for everyone to see.”

“EMIS Mobile has revolutionised the home visits. You can see more patients in a shorter period of time.”

Collette Kelly, diabetes specialist nurse, Liverpool Diabetes Partnership

The information recorded via the templates has also given LDP’s teams the ability to automatically populate letters that can be sent electronically. For Collette, it’s now the only task that she has left on her list once she’s completed her visits. “All I have to do when I get back now is generate the letter to the GP,” she says. “It’s a massive time saver.”

Helping clinicians to make safer decisions by keeping them in the loop

Since the templates are providing clinicians with clear data entry fields to complete when making visits, Collette and the rest of LDP’s team are also being reminded to detail all the relevant information from their interactions. When completed and synced, any new notes are added to existing records, which contain input and notes from other services.

“With your template in front of you, you don’t miss a thing.”

Jan Fennell-Rutherford, operations manager, Liverpool Diabetes Partnership

With access to the same standardised and fully rounded view of entire health histories, clinicians throughout LDP are now able to understand their patients’ conditions before even stepping foot inside patients’ homes. And when inside, those clinicians now have all the support they need to make fully informed and safe decisions.

Supporting other services to make their own transformations

LDP’s success in achieving their community-based goals with EMIS Mobile has meant that there’s a greater awareness of the possibilities and benefits that new models of care can give both patients and healthcare professionals. “It’s shifting away from that GP-focussed care and into more neighbourhood working,” explains Collette. “We’re working with the community matron teams and the district nurse teams, and making sure that they all know that’s possible and that it’s the best way to work.”

It’s also a success the service is looking to help others to benefit from, with Collette mentioning that LDP has been sharing their templates with various health and care organisations. The hope is that they’ll be able to provide efficient, collaborative and safe care for their patients in the community too.

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