Coldharbour Hill Surgery benefits from Lloyd George digitisation

Digitising Lloyd George files to create space for more efficient care and extra clinical services at Coldharbour Hill Surgery

Converting the 5000 Lloyd George files stored at Coldharbour Hill Surgery into a digital format for use within their Vision clinical system has enabled them to repurpose space within their practice.

Take a look at the video below to hear how digitisation has helped Coldharbour Hill Surgery speed up their processes and improve experiences for both patients and staff.

Through our digitisation service, Coldharbour Hill Surgery have been able to free up space to create new treatment rooms for additional clinical services so that they’re able to meet a wider range of patient needs. The digitised files were then uploaded to their Vision clinical system, allowing them to quickly and securely access patient information at the point of care. This means that clinicians can make more informed decisions and provide more holistic and personalised treatments.

Converting their Lloyd George files to a digitised format has also helped the practice work towards NHS aims of a paperless healthcare system by 2020.

This not only makes it easier for clinicians at the Hill Surgery branch site to access clinical records, but also makes it easier for them to share information with the main Coldharbour Surgery. Now they can easily share relevant patient data with clinicians at other sites by allowing record sharing through Vision, without transporting bulky and heavy physical files from one site to another.

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