Centralising medical equipment management and traceability

In order to comply with new government requirements, The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (“Mid Yorks”) required a new system to improve the tracking of medical equipment throughout the trust.

The Medical Physics Department at Mid Yorks originally recorded data about the equipment held in the trust using a DOS database, developed in-house. Due to changing government standards however, the information held by this database was insufficient.

There was no information being stored on the usage of medical equipment meaning that surplus equipment was being stored on wards and within individual departments. This could potentially lead to misuse, damage and maintenance issues, which puts patients at risk when the equipment is used.

Long term solution

The trust required a platform that would support future developments and maintain the value of their investment as effectively as the EMIS Health patient administration system (PAS) used within the trust.

Mid Yorks engaged with EMIS Health to develop a solution that enabled monitoring and reporting on all medical equipment within the trust. After working closely with Mid Yorks to transfer the information from the DOS database into a centralised E-MAT system, the system went live. Immediate improvements in the speed and usability of the system could be seen.

Continuous Improvements

As the trust realised more requirements for the E-MAT system, EMIS Health worked with them to further co-develop the system and incorporate new modules including:

  • a charging module to help with the control of budget and cost of service contracts for medical equipment
  • a procurement module that logs information on new equipment at the point of Procurement, saving technicians the need to re-enter the data into E-MAT
  • an equipment library that aids patient safety by allowing quick identification of patients who have used equipment that may be faulty
  • a tracking module which monitors staff usage to ensure staff using the equipment are up to date with the training required.

A trust-wide platform

After being initially designed as a department based system, Mid Yorks now use E-MAT at several locations across the trust. The system maintains over 32,750 items with a value of over £54 million. With a centralised, robust equipment management solution, Mid Yorks are able to track huge volumes of equipment.

“it is unimaginable what we would do without E-MAT today. The data and reporting is invaluable to the Trust.”