Automated messaging improves data flows and saves staff time

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (Cornwall) are improving data flows between their trust and the NHS Secondary Uses Service (SUS) by implementing EMIS Health’s Keystone messaging solution, and automating messages through the CDS Translation service.

Cornwall are using two messaging solutions from EMIS Health. The first of these is Keystone, which handles all of their pathology and radiology messaging. Keystone enables them to centralise data and allows real-time messaging to improve efficiency. Mandatory fields will reduce the number of errors in the messages. These messages can be easily retrieved quickly by all relevant clinicians.

Cornwall is also using EMIS Health’s CDS translation service, which validates and submits commissioning data sets to the SUS. The solution automatically translates and checks CDS prior to submission to ensure they are not rejected and are submitted on time. This ensures timely payment and allows staff to use their time elsewhere.

Ryan Eustice, Systems Administrator for Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust explains:

“The Trust uses EMIS Health for submitting the Trust’s CDS to the SUS. The Trust translates patient based hospital activity, a full suite of In-patient, Out-patient and Elective Admission List CDS’, into the SUS compliant CDS XML.

 Using MS-SQL Server to convert the Trust’s activity into an XML format and then Keystone converts the data into SUS compliant XML format."

“The Trust has a very good working history with EMIS Health, initially using the CDS Translation Service, so the process of moving over to the Keystone product was an easy one as EMIS Health offer great customer support and a trusted product.”

Ryan Eustice, Systems Administrator for Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

EMIS Health also provides support for this system to Cornwall. When asked about this supports service, Ryan Eustice responded “Exemplary. Seldom used but when the Trust does, the response is quick and the problem is resolved in excellent time. EMIS Health set a benchmark for others to meet when it comes to customer support and service.”