Arc Health win Optimising Resource Partner of the Year Award

In the early phase of the Covid-19 response, many face-to-face consultations had been replaced by telephone and video consultations, but without vital signs monitoring. EMIS Partner Arc Health supported Nottingham care home residents, allowing them to manage remote consultations easily.

Arc health allows customers to remotely assess care home residents using remote examination technology. The solution supports residents’ access to care at the right time, minimises infection risk and help avoid unnecessary hospital admissions. 

60% of all GP consultations require an examination. Examinations are critical for managing patients with complex and long-term conditions; without examinations, these patients have a higher risk of misdiagnosis or missed red flags. Due to limited technology available to remotely examine patients, Nottinghamshire ICS GPs needed a way to provide safe and continued healthcare support to residents whilst protecting them from infection risk.  

To support their care home patients, Nottinghamshire ICS installed Arc Health in five of their care homes and GPs across the linked surgeries. Arc Health combines the flexibility of a remote consultation with connection to digital devices, supporting continued quality care.  

The system has enabled GPs to limit the number of visits to care homes but still deliver quality care. By remotely listening to heart and lung sounds, examining the ears and throat, and recording observations, GPs offer safe clinical assessments and initiate treatment in a timely way.  The solution also offers residents a more convenient way of having a GP consultation.  

“The new remote consultation system is proving popular with patients and their carers, giving them a convenient way of accessing their GP remotely.”

Jane Scarborough, Project and Business Change Manager at Connected Nottinghamshire,

Here Jane shares a real-world example: “One dementia patient, a resident in a retirement living complex, needed to see a GP for a suspected chest infection. Previously, their carer would have had to take them into the surgery but with Arc Health, the patient was able to be seen remotely in surroundings they knew well.”  

The solution has provided crucial support to Nottinghamshire ICS care home residents, improving quality of life with better access to examination-enabled consultations, accelerating ‘time to treatment’, reducing the Covid-19 risk and shifting care closer to home by avoiding hospitalisation.  

Nottinghamshire ICS healthcare professionals have also benefitted with Arc Health, allowing them to confidently manage remote consultations by providing them with access to patient examination, improving wellbeing with remote working, offering better access to community health services and enabling virtual ward rounds supported by comprehensive remote examination.  

Arc Health provides direct cost savings. The average care home resident has 10 GP consultations per year. In an average 50-bed care home; 400 ad-hoc visits can be saved per year (at least 80% of care home visits can be prevented by using Arc). This corresponds to a total time saving of 400 hours per care home and a cost saving of £44,800 pa.  

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