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Townhill Medical Practice has two partners, eight associate doctors and two registrars. They provide care for several nursing homes, a private school and around 13,000 patients. Due to an increasing demand for care outside the practice, they decided to look for a solution that would support a more flexible, mobile workforce.

“We wanted a mobile solution for GPs visiting the school and nursing homes. We invested in the Anywhere Consult devices because we have around six doctors going out and they needed something that allowed them to manage patient records at the point of care,” says Jules, IT coordinator.

Empowering Townhill’s mobile workforce

“The way our GPs used to work was time consuming. They were writing everything down on paper then updating patient records when they got back to the practice”, says Jules. Anywhere Consult provides real time access to their clinical system and essential NHS services via a secure N3 network connection, giving the GPs a full clinical view wherever they are. Our solution is reducing the time spent on admin tasks and improving patient safety. Jules went on to say how, “Anywhere Consult has been a fantastic answer to the mobile working problem because our GPs can get more done and the medical records are updated at the time of consultation.”

“Our GPs love Anywhere Consult, it saves them a lot of time. We’ve come back for third one because the GPs realise how good they are and they all want them!”

Jules Green - IT coordinator, Townhill Medical Practice

Better care for patients

Townhill have been using our Anywhere Consult devices for a relatively short time but have already seen a transformation in the way they work. As well as helping towards their paper free targets, removing the need to write everything down during appointments means GPs are able to deliver more. They can spend more time focusing on the patients’ needs during visits or even use the time they have gained back from streamlined working practices to see more patients.

Dr Suthan completes around 12 appointments a week using his Anywhere Consult, “It really helps with documenting and making sure there’s no information missing. There’s a medical legal element to it too and because I have live patient records in front of me, I’m able to make sure patients are having the correct medication and access hospital notes and information from previous consultations.” This has been particularly useful in care homes as Dr Suthan is able to spend more time looking after his patients. “I’m saving around 30 minutes to an hour every day, which I use to see more patients and do more during my visits. I don’t have to travel back to the practice because I have access to live records for all the patients in the care home so I can deal with emergencies there and then.”

Reducing the workload

Dr Suthan talks about how Anywhere Consult has become a key part of delivering mobile care. “For me, it’s very useful for nursing homes, I would even go to say it’s essential for looking after patients with complex medical needs. I remember first going on a visit with printed records then the second time I had my EMIS Anywhere and it made a massive difference. I can’t imagine going on visits without it to be honest. It’s a lot less stressful.”

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