An innovative practice is cutting dispensing time down by three days with EMIS Web

EMIS Web is helping Saxon Spires Practice in Northamptonshire to save time, cut costs and improve the patient experience.

The largest surgery in their locality, Saxon Spires Practice like to consider themselves as innovators when it comes to delivering care. Always on the lookout for ways to improve their services, they’ll happily take on change if it’ll benefit patients and staff.

It was with this attitude in mind that the surgery decided to implement EMIS Web. With their new clinical system supporting their innovative requirements, Saxon Spires is finding that tasks are speedier, important patient information is readily accessible, and that both the patient and staff experience has improved.

Reducing the dispensing process by three days

One of the areas that has seen the biggest transformation under EMIS Web is how the surgery carries out dispensing. Previously taking five days to complete, the surgery has been able to cut the process down to just 48 hours.

“Everything takes so much less time. There’s a lot fewer barriers and clicks. The dispensing in EMIS Web flows well”

Kathryn Baines, practice manager.

These time savings have also helped to improve the working lives of Saxon Spires’ staff, who were previously having to deal with a backlog of work. With up to 300 prescription items outstanding at the end of each day, the team were working overtime to ensure that patients received their medication. EMIS Web has helped to eradicate this issue since “the dispensing workload can now be done by the end of the day,” comments lead GP, Dr Simon Twigg.

“With EMIS Web, the staff are happy again. It’s a much better experience.”

Dr Simon Twigg, lead GP, Saxon Spires Practice

An intuitive and cost-effective system

Being able to work more efficiently isn’t the only thing that the dispensing process in EMIS Web has supported the surgery in achieving – it’s also helped Saxon Spires to save money. As Kathryn explains, “Alerts come up in EMIS Web if drugs are above the drug tariff.” These instant notifications provide more support during the prescribing process, allowing Saxon Spires’ clinicians to make better judgements around suitable medications.


hour prescription turnaround with EMIS Web

The way that EMIS Web presents and records information is proving more supportive too. As Kathryn mentions, the team is finding that the system is “much clearer in layout when looking at the consultation screen,” and has found that “the population searches are great.” Dr Simon Twigg also comments on how, “in EMIS Web, the health history is quite apparent” when looking at patient records. With clinicians able to easily see a complete and simplified view of a patient’s health history, they can make more informed decisions at the point of care.

It’s changes like these that have helped to provide patients with a better experience while in the practice. And now that EMIS Web is making online repeat prescription requests simple and reliable too, they’re having a better experience when outside of the practice as well.

A smooth and supported system

Setting up EMIS Web was a smooth process for Saxon Spires, with data transferring to the clinical system without a hitch. If they’ve had any queries, the team has been able to contact our help desk, which they’ve found has provided them with a high level of support.

The surgery is additionally receiving training to make sure that they can get up and running with their system as soon as possible. That way, they can spend more time focussing on the things that are important to them – like providing innovative patient care.