A seamless transition to EMIS Web

Halcyon Medical in Birmingham switched from an iSOFT system to EMIS Web and started seeing the benefits after just two weeks.

Angela Hegan, business manager, said switching to the new system could not have been smoother and the practice is already seeing improvements in working practices.

“The switch to EMIS Web went like a dream”

Angela Hegan, business manager, Halcyon Medical

“We have had an excellent experience. We moved to EMIS Web from a standing start in just five weeks, thanks to our fantastic IT department and the EMIS support team, who were so helpful and patient. We all worked together, made sure everyone was on board and stuck to our plan. It went like a dream. If any practice is wondering whether to move, I would say bite the bullet and do it!”

EMIS Web lets them see all the information they need about a patient on one screen, including test reminders and consultations are easier as a result. “The GPs no longer have to dip in and out of different bits of software, which is saving an enormous amount of time.”

Angela said the EMIS Web templates were particularly useful. “If for example we have an asthmatic patient, the GPs can fill in a tailored template there and then.

“It’s making life a whole lot easier for them - 60% of our patients are students, and we have a new intake every year. It is much quicker to input the patient history with EMIS Web.”

“EMIS Web is so easy and intuitive to use.”

Angela Hegan, business manager, Halcyon Medical

She also finds it easy to run searches and reports. “I was able to run three successive medication searches for a prescribing audit within minutes with no training, simply by reading the user guide. I always used to hand over this job to somebody else when we had our old system, but EMIS Web is so easy and intuitive to use.”