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We have over 30 years' experience of working with the NHS, helping healthcare professionals record, share and use vital information, positively impacting patient outcomes throughout the UK. On this page you'll find some of the stories our customers have shared with us, letting us know how we've made a difference.

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  1. Northern Ireland practice saving hours of time each week with EMIS Web

    Willowbank Surgery in Northern Ireland is reducing waste, improving productivity and meeting NHS Long Term Plan aims with EMIS Web.

  2. Proactive management of diabetes made possible with EMIS Web

    Liverpool Diabetes Partnership (LDP) is cutting costs, improving outcomes and delivering better preventative care by running reports and conducting searches from within their clinical IT system.

  3. Reducing hospital referrals by 50% for diabetic patients in Liverpool

    Liverpool Diabetes Partnership (LDP) is meeting demand and has drastically cut referral-to-treatment times by using EMIS Web to deliver truly connected care.

  4. Delivering multidisciplinary care closer to home with EMIS Mobile

    By using EMIS Mobile, Liverpool Diabetes Partnership is achieving one of their founding aims of caring for more patients in their own homes – and they’re doing so while making that care safer and more efficient than ever before.

  5. Using technology for a better experience for both patients and staff

    The Project Surgery in Newham is using technology to create a better work-life-balance for staff and a more positive patient experience by reducing the length of time spent on admin tasks.

  6. Speeding up lengthy processes with a switch to EMIS Web

    Practices in North Warwickshire are switching to EMIS Web to save time and improve their business continuity.

  7. Improving efficiencies and safeguarding for dermatology service in Shropshire

    Over 50 staff at St Michael’s Clinic Ltd in Shrewsbury have been using EMIS Web to save time and provide safer, more efficient care to their patients.

  8. Working more collaboratively to meet patient needs and improve quality of care

    EMIS Web clinical services and remote consultations are helping the member practices of OxFed work more collaboratively to provide better, safer care

  9. Providing better, safer, end-of-life care to patients with complex needs

    Using EMIS Web to enable data sharing is helping the team at Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care access a full picture of their patients’ medical histories, supporting informed and sensitive end of life care.

  10. Providing hospice at home services in East Cheshire with EMIS Mobile

    Clinicians in East Cheshire are using EMIS Mobile to support safe, dignified and informed treatment at the point of care as part of their hospice at home service.

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