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We have over 30 years' experience of working with the NHS, helping healthcare professionals record, share and use vital information, positively impacting patient outcomes throughout the UK. On this page you'll find some of the stories our customers have shared with us, letting us know how we've made a difference.

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  1. QDiabetes risk tool helping identify patients most at risk

    In 2015 Researchers developed QDiabetes, a new risk tool to help GPs speed up the identification and treatment of diabetic patients at most risk of blindness and amputation.

  2. QCancer - helping to speed up the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients

    Risk score to help GPs speed up the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from two of the commonest forms of cancer.

  3. QResearch is helping to save lives and improve patient outcomes.

    QResearch is a database of anonymised healthcare records, developed in a not-for-profit partnership between the University of Nottingham and EMIS, for use in ethical medical research.

  4. QCovid risk model to fast-track vaccinations for the vulnerable

    More people at high risk from COVID-19 received priority access to vaccines thanks to research conducted by the University of Oxford using the QResearch database – a not-for-profit initiative between the university and EMIS.

  5. OpenSAFELY-EMIS collaboration delivering insights into Long Covid

    A collaboration between EMIS and the open-source research platform OpenSAFELY has been delivering important insights into COVID-19

  6. Providing at-home cardiology monitoring with ECG On-Demand

    The ECG On-Demand solution from EMIS Accredited partner, Technomed allows patients to undergo heart monitoring from home through the use of self-fit kits. We take a closer look at how this solution bagged Technomed our Partner of the Year award for Empowering Patients.

  7. Fife surgery cuts the queues with Online Consult

    Methilhaven Surgery in Fife share how Online Consult has helped them to meet patient demand.

  8. Arc Health win Optimising Resource Partner of the Year Award

    Hear how EMIS Partner Arc Health supported Nottingham care home residents, allowing them to manage remote consultations easily.

  9. Haughton Thornley Medical Centres is engaging patients through the use of technology

    Haughton Thornley Medical Centres is engaging patients through the use of technology

  10. Virtual implementation enables Harpenden practice to switch to EMIS Web in the midst of the pandemic

    The Elms Medical Practice in Harpenden take us through their switch to EMIS Web - all done virtually during national lockdown.

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