A&E clinicians go electronic to transform care in South Tees

Thousands of patients are receiving better, safer and speedier emergency care after A&E clinicians in South Tees ditched paper records to go digital.

Since moving to Symphony, EMIS Health’s urgent and emergency care system, the emergency departments at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has met important targets for waiting times, sepsis screening, and safeguarding vulnerable patients. Consultants say it has "transformed" care in the emergency department.

Chief clinical information officer and emergency medicine consultant Andrew Adair said: “Introducing Symphony and changing the way we work is better for patient care and it means we’re running the department much better. We now have more control and can provide safer, better care. Having information at our fingertips and in front of us on an electronic board means we know at a glance exactly what is happening in the department.”

“We never expected that going digital would transform everything about the department”

Andrew Adair

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Emergency medicine consultant Andrew Adair