EMIS-X: The vision

A clinical platform that will enable an integrated healthcare ecosystem and revolutionise the UK’s health and care landscape.


  • Supporting new models of care to grow and flourish – our clinical platform will enable integrated care across settings.
  • Improve interactions and outcomes for patients and clinicians – we’re developing the next generation of interoperable clinical applications.
  • Manage health and wellbeing at scale – powerful analytics tools support organisations and health economies to understand population health and deliver insight-led service redesign.
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A clinical platform that makes joined-up healthcare a reality

EMIS-X is a cloud-based clinical platform that will enable seamless, integrated care pathways across locations and organisations. It will provide industry-leading clinical tools, decision support and intelligence to transform care delivery.

Built to the latest standards for interoperability, EMIS-X will support a connected ecosystem of clinical applications, bringing together systems from any supplier to provide a consolidated view of medical information.

Delivering the vision of digitally transformed healthcare

We’ve been providing market leading clinical systems for more than 30 years. Working collaboratively with our customers and our partners we’re committed to delivering outstanding integrated healthcare solutions that benefit clinicians and improve people’s lives.

Through cutting-edge technology and international standards, EMIS-X will enable us to drive greater digital change across the NHS and beyond - transforming health and care through technology, digital innovation and interoperability.



Reliable, secure and effortless access to vital patient information

Our platform acts as a foundation for the future of healthcare, creating a secure structure that’s practically infinite in the scale of what it can do. It means EMIS-X will:

  • streamline data sharing across locations, care settings and services
  • support the creation of a healthcare ecosystem using open standards that enable other technology providers to integrate
  • deliver the highest levels of security and resilience.
EMIS-X Analytics

Find out more about our powerful analytics suite, built on the EMIS-X platform.

EMIS-X Analytics

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