EMIS-X: The vision

A cloud technology strategy delivering modular solutions underpinned by seamless interoperability, digital access and intelligent analytics


  • Provide joined-up care across settings with FHIR enabled integration.
  • Improve interactions and outcomes for patients and clinicians with better digital access.
  • Manage population health at scale with powerful analytics capabilities.
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Technology to power the future of healthcare

EMIS-X is our cloud based technology strategy which uses the latest trusted and secure technology to enhance and connect systems and delivers powerful data analytics with the potential of transforming the future of healthcare.

Through embedded modular components EMIS-X will power improved performance and enhance existing point of care systems in an agile way. This means that our customers will benefit from the latest technological advancements without having to implement and learn a whole new system, reducing the impact and cost of change management.

The foundation of clinical excellence

Our market leading clinical systems have always been designed with the aim of improving patient outcomes and safety through embedded clinical intelligence driven by data. Now EMIS-X technology builds on this, bringing together three components, EMIS-X Connect, Digital and Analytics, to further advance clinical capabilities and help meet the evolving needs of healthcare teams.

  • EMIS-X Analytics - providing the data tools and insights necessary for healthcare systems to provide better, safer care
  • EMIS-X Digital - supporting innovation and the continued digital access agenda
  • EMIS-X Connect - delivering best in class interoperability standards

EMIS- X, underpinned by these three components, will power the solutions needed to support safer and better care for patients.

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