EMIS-X Connect

Our capability to deliver best in class interoperability standards in all our new applications.


  • Secure interoperability standards enable patient-centric approach with easy access to medical data and seamless communications between healthcare providers.

  • Reduces the in-efficient exchange of data between different systems.

  • Integrates seamlessly with our partner solutions supporting customer choice without compromise.

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In an increasingly complex healthcare landscape, the ability to provide timely and accurate information at the point of care has become vital. It can save time for busy clinicians by enabling clinical decision making backed by the latest information and delivering better experience for the patient and improved outcomes all round.

To achieve this, information needs to flow with the patient between different organisations, often using different systems.  The safety and security of this sensitive information requires the adoption of standards that will enable interoperability.

Using industry standards that sit at the heart of the NHS, interoperability strategy like FHIR are essential to delivering truly connected healthcare. The information models and APIs developed using this standard provide a means of sharing health and care information between healthcare providers and their systems in any care setting.


EMIS-X Connect will also enable us to integrate seamlessly with our partners’ solutions using our market leading API’s, supporting customer choice without compromise.

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