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A powerful analytics suite, built on the EMIS-X platform.

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Insights derived from clinical data interrogation are fundamental to the delivery of timely, appropriate and value driven personalised care models. They are essential to building a healthcare system that continually learns from and improves upon the care delivered.

To transform healthcare, data needs a broader and more flexible infrastructure that is accessible to multiple collaborators. That infrastructure needs to be capable of surfacing information quickly and at scale, combining open source technologies, application program interfaces and cloud storage architecture.


EMIS-X Analytics is a cloud-based analytics suite designed to exacting legal, ethical, clinical, technical and security standards. The first product to be launched in the EMIS-X Analytics suite is Explorer, a product which enables you to query data at scale and speed to help you optimise healthcare delivery.

Query, analyse and visualise data with Explorer, the first product to be launched in the EMIS-X Analytics suite.

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