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Our technology is embedded in trusts throughout the UK, supporting a range of secondary care departments to provide effective care for patients with complex and often life-threatening conditions.  

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Supporting a range of secondary care departments and specialisms 

We understand the unique and complex nature of the challenges facing secondary care providers and the intricacies of supporting patient care throughout the trust. Our technology is designed to breakdown traditional barriers between healthcare services and, in doing so, relieve some of the pressures faced by clinicians and admin staff.  

Our technology is designed to support trusts and organisations of all sizes and at varying stages of their digital transformation including Global Digital Exemplars (GDEs) and fast followers. By working closely with these trusts we’re making sure that our software continues to help them implement their plans and deliver on NHS aims and targets.  whatever their existing skill set 

Improving workflow management across secondary care 

By automating processes, systems such as Symphony and our suite of medicines management products are helping to drive efficiencies by improving the workflow management of clinicians and the flow of medications throughout the secondary care sector.  

With the use of Symphony, this means that patients can be moved along their patient journey faster and helps A&E departments meet national targets of seeing all patients within four hours. It also helps to speed up the discharge process and keep on top of your workflow.  

Our Pharmacy and ePMA solutions are designed to improve the flow medications. This ensures that patients receive the medications they need, when they need them and further helps to speed up the discharge process. Reporting and analysis tools allows you to effectively manage your medication stock and prescriptionsensuring more effective prescribing and stock management. With medicines making up £17 billion of the NHS’s annual spend, being able to reduce waste and cost in this way is crucial.  

Fast and secure access to patient information 

When seconds can make a life-saving difference, it’s crucial that you have access to the information you need to deliver safe and effective care. The GP Record Viewer supports this aim by providing access to real-time GP data and allowing clinicians across secondary care to view a patient’s GP record at the point of care. We’re constantly striving to find new and innovative ways of making patient data available to all relevant clinicians to support you in making informed life-saving decisions as quickly as possible 

Products to support secondary care

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Concentric Digital consent application for procedures and treatments.

Concentric is a digital consent and shared decision making application that digitally transforms the paper process of giving consent for a procedure.


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