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We've got over 14 years of experience in providing community pharmacies with the innovative systems they need to both improve patient outcomes and work effectively. It's why over 5,200 pharmacies rely on our solutions today.

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Supporting community pharmacies for more than 14 years

We’re the largest clinical software provider in community pharmacy, with 37% of the UK’s pharmacies relying on our solutions. If we’re to break that down a bit, it means that our systems are used in over 5,200 pharmacies.

Putting pharmacies at the heart of what we do

We’ve got plenty of experience when it comes to supporting these organisations. Back in 2010, we acquired Rx Systems, a specialist organisation co-founded in 2004 by Ian Taylor. Ever since, community pharmacy has remained at the core of what we do – so much so that Ian is now our Group’s chief operating officer.

Over 5,200

pharmacies use our systems

In a unique position to help you deliver effective services

As the only dispensary management provider to cater for the entire UK, we’re passionate about making sure dispensing doctors, dispensing appliance contractors (DACs) and pharmacists have the right support.

Always striving to keep ahead of the curve

  • ProScript Connect is the UK’s leading pharmacy software – built on modern platform programs, it allows us to develop new modules like eCDR (Electronic Controlled Drugs Register).
  • All 529 Rowlands Pharmacy branches are using ProScript Connect while almost all of our customers have upgraded from ProScript to our new system.
  • We’re developing industry-first technology: an integrated delivery app for pharmacies.
  • Our systems evolve with you and already contain EPS R2, New Medicine Service (NMS), Discharge Medicines Review (DMR) and Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) capabilities.

“Patients are getting their medications more speedily. We can multitask, filling prescriptions while doing day-to-day work in the background.”

Dhimant Patel, pharmacist, Heathways Pharmacy, Pinner

Helping you to provide patients with the best care

Ensuring your staff have the right tools to hand

We want to help pharmacy staff spend less time physically dispensing and more time focussing on their patients and the additional services they can provide them with.

Multepos is already helping over 1,100 pharmacies to speed up transactions so that they can do just that. And by developing robot and electronic Medication Administration Record (e-MAR) integration within ProScript Connect, we're working to eliminate certain manual processes altogether. 

“It means that time and money is saved – and it improves patient care.”

Jignesh Patel, qualified prescriber, Rohpharm Pharmacy

Giving you the best solutions through collaboration and compliance

  • We’re working with the UK Medicines Verification System (UK NMVS) and SecurMed to deliver an integrated FMD solution that makes you fully FMD compliant.
  • We’re delivering a managed print service (MPS) that’s used by a number of pharmacy groups – including PCP and Midcounties Co-op – by working with our colleagues at Egton.
  • We have close relationships with key organisations like The Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMP) and The Independent Company Chemist Alliance (ICCA).
  • We’re working closely with NHS Digital, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) and the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) to ensure pharmacists can comply with all NHS Spine requirements and all pharmaceutical service initiatives.

Products to support community pharmacy

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  • ProScript Connect

    ProScript Connect

    Our software is used in over 5,200 pharmacies across the UK and is helping pharmacists provide faster and safer patient care.

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  • Constant Connect

    Constant Connect

    Constant Connect automatically connects you to your network via a 4G/3G connection in the event of a broadband failure.

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  • Multepos


    A digital point-of-sale solution to effectively manage your retail pharmacy.

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Fully integrated FMD solution for ProScript Connect Designed specifically for ProScript Connect to enhance current workflows and ensure compliance with the FMD regulations.

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