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Want to share your technical knowledge with other clinicians, learn from those who’ve optimised their clinical software or simply want to give us your feedback to help shape what we do for the future? Then becoming a member of a user group might be the perfect solution for you.

Share, learn and influence: join a user group

Spread throughout the country and representing a variety of different clinical interests, user groups allow healthcare professionals who use our systems to come together and share best practice. They also give you the perfect opportunity to give us your input about how we can shape our solutions for the future.

We run and work with a number of different groups that represent various interests. Find out which group could be the right fit for you:

Join the National User Group (NUG) and evolve how technology is used across primary care

Created to improve patient care by improving the way primary care organisations use technology, the NUG is an independent organisation that represents 1,600 practices and their experienced EMIS Web users. We work closely with the NUG to prioritise and develop healthcare professionals’ ideas for improvements – learn more about this process here and learn more about the NUG here.  

A range of options for community, hospice and mental health professionals

There are a range of user groups that support community, hospice and mental health organisations and their staff to use EMIS Web better. We work with all of these groups and they work with each other, creating a connected web of users across specialisms and localities that together, can make real change.

Healthcare User Group (HUG): strategically shape community care 

We work with members of this strategic, user-run group to understand what functionality they want to see in our clinical IT systems and to prioritise what we’re going to develop for community, hospice and mental health users. They don’t just help us to shape our solutions though – members also share best practice and support each other in using our products and services.

Regional user groups (RUGs): connect with healthcare professionals in your locality

Perfect for those who use EMIS Web and want to connect across a regional area, you’ll be able to find out about upcoming product developments in these groups. They also provide a great forum for you to share ideas about how to work more effectively and gain support with anything you’re struggling with.

Each regional user group (RUG) can have their news and requirements discussed at a strategic level too, since each group’s chair is a member of the HUG.

Hospice user group: tailored to the care you provide

End-of-life care is highly specialised, which is why hospices have their own dedicated user group. Made up of hospice healthcare professionals from across the nation, the hospice user group is similar to the RUG in that the group’s chair, Mike Drew, is a member of the HUG and feeds in members’ requirements to the strategic body.

Focussed user groups that cater to your care setting

For those that work in a hospital setting or in a community pharmacy, we run user groups that are specifically tailored to you. These product-focussed groups can help you with solutions like Symphony, ProScript Connect and our hospital medicines management systems.

Members are always sharing what they’ve achieved with their technology, so there’s plenty of opportunity for you learn new tips and tricks. We also use these groups to both keep you in the loop with our latest updates and hear about what future enhancements you’d like us to develop.

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