Our story

For over 30 years, we’ve been working to ensure that healthcare professionals across the NHS have all the information they need by providing them with instant access to electronic patient records.

Beginning with a passion for integrated patient care

One idea shared by two clinicians from Yorkshire in the 1980s kick-started the creation of Egton Medical Information Systems. The idea: that technology can be used to give clinicians access to complete and shared medical records, no matter where patients present for care.
What followed was the development of our first clinical IT system and an ever-growing passion for making information instantly available at the point of care.

Still dedicated to enhancing the patient conversation today

Fast forward to today and although over 30 years of experience have expanded our scope, our motivations are much the same.

We’re still clinically led, with experienced clinicians working throughout our organisation and advising us on what we do. And we’re still striving to develop the best possible technology so that healthcare professionals can do their jobs effectively – and can ultimately improve patient health.

Supporting 10,000 organisations across every major healthcare setting

These aims have played a big part in why we’ve grown so much. They’ve driven us to develop dozens of clinical IT solutions, acquire multiple organisations – including Rx Systems, Ascribe, Indigo 4 and Dovetail Lab – that bolster what we do, and hire thousands of driven individuals who ensure we continue to evolve.

Today, our technology is used by over 10,000 different organisations. In fact, our technology is the number one choice in primary care and community pharmacies, and is the number two choice in hospices, specialist services, and secondary and community care.

Making a real difference to healthcare professionals and patients alike

Getting to the heart of how to best help every one of these organisations is important to us. To do this, we not only hone our existing technology, but also create new solutions and work with over 100 different partner organisations who offer a range of tools that connect with our clinical software. Then, to top it all off, we back everything up with our market-leading training and support

You play a big role in how we shape every part of this. From the National User Group (NUG) and the Healthcare User Group (HUG) to those representing community pharmacy and acute staff, we work with user groups of all levels. Every single one of these organisations ensures that health and care professionals can have their say on how we develop and evolve our solutions.

When you combine all of these things together, it turns out that we’re in a pretty perfect position to help. From providing patient-facing services to improving mobile working and access to real-time clinical data, we’re making a difference to the lives of millions of patients and clinicians right now.

1,000 more appointments in Glasgow

Delivering award-winning solutions with a focus on the future

We care not just about the way that healthcare is delivered today, but about the way it can be delivered tomorrow too. We also firmly believe that ground-breaking technology can lead to ground-breaking advances in patient health.

Because of this, we’re always looking to the future of what we can do. With more than 40 awards under our belt from over the past 13 years, it’s a dedication to innovation and excellence that’s been recognised across the industry as well.

Connecting clinicians and care with innovative interoperability

A big part of how we’re shaping healthcare for the future is by continuously improving the way our systems interoperate and integrate. We’re working closely with NHS Digital to develop technology that can transform care on a national scale and are collaborating with other clinical software suppliers on a range of interoperability projects.

We take our commitment to improving how clinical IT systems connect so seriously that we were even named in KLAS’s 2018 Interoperability Report as the UK’s number one supplier for interoperability.

Broadening the picture with big data

The health and care sector is brimming with great minds who work tirelessly to bring about radical improvements to the future of care. By collating databases that can be used for research, analytics and life sciences, we’re immensely proud to be able to support them.

Way back in 2002, we set up QResearch with the University of Nottingham. Today, QResearch uses anonymised historical records from around 30 million patient records stored in EMIS Web, and is one of the world’s largest research databases. Having led to significant advances in care – including the formulation of risk calculators – it continues to publish research that’s made publically available to all.

We’ve also worked with over 30 UK universities on health research projects and are continuing to work with the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), who’ve published over 2,000 peer-reviewed publications.

QReasearch powers anticoagulants study

Supporting longer, healthier lives for patients today and tomorrow

Whether we’re helping those who are on the cusp of transforming the future of healthcare or are supporting clinicians to make informed decisions now, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone has the information that they need to do their jobs effectively.

Together, it means that we can continue on our path of ensuring that patients live longer and healthier lives – both today and tomorrow.

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