Our sectors

You’ll find EMIS Health systems across every major UK healthcare setting.

Our technology is the number 1 or number 2 choice in primary and community care, high street pharmacies, secondary care and specialist services.

We’re the perfect solution for each sector: tailored software that meets specific requirements, and also interoperates and integrates with other systems to make patient information available where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Patient services

Patient (https://patient.info) is the UK’s leading health website. Designed to help patients play a key role in their own care, it provides access to over 4,000 clinically authored health information leaflets, videos, health check and assessment tools and patient forums.

Patient Access allows patients to book GP appointments, order medication and view their own medical record. 

Primary care

We’re the UK’s leading supplier of clinical systems for GPs and commissioners.

EMIS Web – the UK’s most popular primary care clinical system – enables secure, shared access to a patient’s electronic health record and currently has over 60,000 GP practice users per week.

Community, children’s and mental health

We’re helping NHS organisations deliver integrated care across community, children’s and mental health settings throughout the UK. We're the number two in the market for supplying IT systems to community healthcare. Using EMIS Web, healthcare professionals are accessing, recording and sharing real-time patient information.

Community pharmacy

We provide software to community pharmacies across the UK for managing dispensing and patients’ medications. We're joint market-leader in the community pharmacy market. 

ProScript and ProScript Connect streamline the dispensary process by handling key tasks – including ordering and stock control – as well as providing a clear audit trail. Our latest innovation enables community pharmacists to securely access key clinical information from GP patient records.

Secondary care

We provide clinical software and consultancy services to more than 80% of the UK’s NHS acute trusts. We're the number two in the UK market for the provision of hospital pharmacy and A&E systems.

Diabetic eye screening

We provide IT systems for image management and storage for clinical ophthalmology. Our software for managing diabetic eye screening is used by the majority of programmes in England and has helped assess over 11 million patients since 2005.


We provide integrated clinical solutions and services to healthcare organisations around the world. With the ability to adapt our technology to meet local requirements, we’re already helping customers throughout Gibraltar, the Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.