General managers

  1. Lydia Saunders

    Director of EMIS Care and EMIS Health specialist

    Lydia is the director of EMIS Care and EMIS Health specialist. Lydia has twenty years’ experience in the technology industry, and 11 within the healthcare, specialising in diabetic eye screening and screening software. Her track record at Digital Healthcare Ltd (now EMIS Health Specialist) and commercial experience gained at Egton made her ideally placed to join EMIS Care in a leadership role. Lydia‘s experience includes roles in commercial strategy, growth strategy planning, recovery action planning, strategic relationship management, M&A and due diligence. Her dual drivers are business success and growth, and creating a healthier UK through better use of healthcare IT systems.

  2. Lynette Ousby

    General manager – acute care

    Lynette Ousby is the general manager of EMIS Health’s acute care division. Lynette has led teams for more than 20 years covering many business areas from account management, finance, customer services and delivery. Lynette brings sector experience from commercial finance, telecommunications and healthcare, specialising in business transformation and redesigning teams to become high performers. Lynette has been with EMIS Health since 2013, specialising in acute and secondary care, including doubling the customer satisfaction score in the secondary care business in one year.

  3. Lynn Moffat

    General manager – customer

    Lynn Moffat is the general manager of EMIS Health’s customer division. Lynn has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years and is focused on driving up customer service and product quality standards throughout the whole of EMIS Health. Lynn and her team work closely with customers, championing their views in everything we do. Lynn has been at EMIS Health since 1999, and brings experience in sales, operations, customer fulfilment, training and account management, together with her expertise and knowledge of primary care.

  4. Steve Roberts

    General manager - community, children’s and mental health

    Steve is the general manager for the community, children’s and mental health division. Steve has a a clinical background with experience in acute settings, especially in critical care and emergency/trauma. He moved from the NHS 23 years ago and became part of the success of the market-leading provider of emergency department system working in a number of key roles including the development of systems. He has 23 years of experience in working in healthcare IT, and is passionate about how digital technologies can transform patient care. Steve believes our customers are key to the delivery of our vision, partnership working is key to achieving our ambitious goals.