GP Connect

We’re making invaluable information available to everyone who needs it with EMIS Web connectivity to GP Connect.

By building application programming interfaces (APIs), we’re making it easier for third parties to securely interoperate with EMIS Web through solutions like GP Connect.

A national interoperability platform that we’re working on with NHS Digital, GP Connect joins together various clinical systems through the Spine so that healthcare providers across all settings have access to invaluable primary care data.

It makes patient information recorded in EMIS Web available to providers using InPS, Microtest and TPP clinical systems – and vice versa. It will also allow clinicians to share tasks and book appointments across systems, so that they can work more closely no matter where they are located.

Improving patient outcomes and streamlining processes across all care settings

GP Connect mobilises primary care data to support providers across all settings – including mental health, child health and community care – allowing clinicians at various organisations to:

  • view a patient’s medical record and consultation history
  • see information contained in several clinical systems
  • see a patient’s medications and allergies.

Future functionality coming soon

GP Connect will be updated in the future to give clinicians the ability to also:

  • view future appointments and book or cancel appointments from any location
  • send tasks to services, teams or individuals – and receive them too.

Urgent care providers will also be able to book appointments for patients to see GPs, ensuring that care is not only integrated and effective, but delivered in the right place too. 

Automatic alerts for safer, better-informed care

GP Connect has been developed with a vision to share structured data via open APIs. Structured information means that data across systems can actively trigger alerts, warnings and actions,so that clinicians are automatically updated no matter where they work. It’s just one of the ways that we’re helping clinicians to make more proactive decisions that reduce errors and improve patient safety.

Delivering new models of care through interoperability

It’s not just NHS Digital we’re working with to deliver shared care across systems. Our direct point-to-point functionality with TPP means that EMIS Web and SystmOne users can view information contained in either of those clinical systems, no matter which one they use.

The interoperability between the two systems is also giving primary teams access to notes recorded by community teams, so that clinicians have a detailed view of a patient’s medical history.

By joining up systems and organisations through different interoperability projects, we’re helping to remove the barriers that providers face so that that they can deliver new models of care.

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